Review of Culture, International Edition no. 61, commemorates the 450th anniversary of the Holy House of Mercy of Macao.

Date of publication: 22/01/2020
Type: ---

To commemorate the 450th anniversary of the Holy House of Mercy of Macao, Leonor Diaz de Seabra contributes to this issue with two papers themed around this institution: the first one on the relief activities of the Holy House of Mercy and the second one a comparative essay on the Compromissos, i.e. the regulations of the Holy House of Mercy of Macao.

The fascination with the East and its influence on the writings of various authors, as well as on the promotion of intercultural dialogue, will be the topics of the next chapter entitled Orientalism. Luís Gonzaga Gomes is revisited in the light of new studies; António Manuel Couto Viana is scrutinised, with particular focus being placed on his poetic work; Maria Ondina Braga is analysed with regard to the way in which she observed Far Eastern reality; and José Silveira Machado is examined from the perspective of his poetry with an unprecedented set of testimonials about his life and work. A piece on ambassador Armando Martins Janeira and his literary legacy and another one on the imagery of the tales of The Thousand and One Nights and the various sources of Chinese tales conclude this chapter on Orientalism. Closing this issue, a review of Rui Rocha's latest book of poetry entitled Taotologies.

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