Cultural Affairs Bureau launches open call for proposals for Online Handicraft Teaching

Date of publication: 28/04/2020
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In order to provide diverse support for the development of local cultural and creative industries, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) launches an open call for proposals for the “Online Handicraft Teaching”, inviting local creative craft professionals to show their handicraft skills and creative achievements through online teaching, thereby enriching the leisure life of residents and joining hands with the public in the fight against the epidemic.

The open call for proposals for the “Online Handicraft Teaching” will be held from May to October this year, providing a platform for local creative craft professionals to demonstrate their creations and encouraging them to present their creative works in an alternative way, which in turn promotes their brand development and provides a more convenient way for craft aficionados to learn handicraft making.

The programme will be open to local creative craft professionals with teaching experience. After assessment, IC will grant the selected applicants the expenses for producing teaching videos based on the respective budget of the selected proposals. The videos will be uploaded to IC’s website and its new media platforms so as to provide the craft professionals and the public a platform for teaching and learning creative handicraft.

The application rules and forms can be downloaded from today at IC’s website ( and at the “Tap Siac Craft Market” website ( Applicants must submit all required documents together with the completed application form by email to before 15 May. If the file exceeds 10MB in size, please provide the proper link for download. Applications may also be submitted in person or via a representative  in the form of printed or electronic files (CD-ROM/USB) to the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building located at Tap Siac Square during office hours. For enquiries, please contact staff members of IC, Ms. Wong through tel. no. 8399 6255 or Ms. Lau through tel. no. 8399 6296 during office hours or via the above email.

Application Rules and Form