Venue of the HUSH!! closing concert “Hot Wave in the City” changed to Tap Siac Square

Date of publication: 28/07/2020
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Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) and co-organized by the Municipal Affairs Bureau, various types of music activities and workshops of the event “HUSH!! Full Music 2020” have been held in different  districts between June and July. The closing concert “Hot Wave in the City”, originally scheduled to be held at Senado Square on 2 August, from 4pm to 9pm, will be transferred to Tap Siac Square. The programme, date and time of the concert remain unchanged. Music aficionados are welcome to participate and feel the summer music atmosphere.

The concert “Hot Wave in the City”, dedicated to pop music, will be held on   2 August, from 4pm to 9pm, at Tap Siac Square, featuring wonderful performances by local bands, gathering the audience in a midsummer party. The bands invited for the performance include: Avidya, Chapter 2, Free Yoga Mats, Scamper, Ariclan and LAVY. As the number of people allowed in the venue is limited, if the number of spectators inside the venue reaches the maximum limit, spectators are requested to await in line for admission. In addition, this year’s short video competition “HUSH!! 300 Seconds” had an extended deadline for the submission of works and has received an enthusiastic response. The awards will be presented on the day of the concert “Hot Wave in the City”.

In conjunction with the epidemic prevention works, this year’s “HUSH!! Full Music” hosted various types of music activities and workshops in different districts between June and August. More than 50 groups of local musicians, bands, and artists were invited to participate in the concert “Music Day Online” for the first time in the form of online broadcast. Various concerts and workshops were held at the Macao Contemporary Art Centre - Navy Yard, offering the audience a variety of music genres; the “HUSH!! X Creative Industries Flea Market” was held at the Macao Science Centre Square in mid-July, combining music with stalls of local cultural and creative products and “hush!” brand products; the concert “Rooftop Sunset” was held at the Ponte 9 Rooftop in late July, presenting a leisurely and rhythmic music performance in a special venue.

IC will strictly follow the related anti-epidemic guidelines of the health authorities and deploy the appropriate measures in the artistic activities. All participants must wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks and present a valid “Macao Health Code”. For more information about the concert, please visit IC’s website at and the “HUSH Full Music” page on Facebook.