Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale
Call for entry from local artists

Date of publication: 10/03/2021
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The mega cultural and artistic event “Art Macao” will be held from June to October this year. Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and various entities, it will continue to present the world with a new brand of Macao’s cultural tourism through the joint participation of the Government, enterprises, artists and the public in the cultural and tourism undertakings. This edition of the “Art Macao” will highlight various aspects and levels of contemporary visual arts. Through the organization of “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021” and a programme of local exhibitions, it provides an international exchange platform for Macao artists. Local artists are welcome to participate and submit their visual artworks.

Professor Qiu Zhijie from the Central Academy of Fine Arts serves as the chief curator of “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021”. The organizer hopes to continuously promote the cultural image of Macao, facilitate the development of local arts and highly motivate the development of Macao’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Local exhibition featured in the “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021”, themed “Advance and retreat of globalization”, reviews the globalization in the pandemic era through various forms of visual arts. IC is now inviting local artists to submit their visual artworks. Selected artworks will be exhibited in venues under IC, hoping to provide Macao artists an international exchange platform and broaden their international perspectives, and cultivating outstanding talents.

Applications for the open submission must be holders of a valid Macao Resident Identity Card and aged 18 or above, and have held two or more solo exhibitions. They can apply as individual or in groups. The submitted works must be originals completed after 2018 and have never been publicly displayed. Categories of medium for submitted works are graphic, three-dimensional and multimedia creations. The application period is from 23 to 28 March. The submission date will be between 14 and 16 May.

The regulations and the application form can be downloaded on IC’s website (, or obtained at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building located at Tap Siac Square, the Macao Museum of Art and the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao. For enquiries, please email to or contact IC through tel. no. 89884000 during office hours.

The regulations and the application form