The Macanese celebrations, its rituals and gastronomy in focus in the Review of Culture No. 62

Date of publication: 30/07/2020
Type: ---

The Macanese reunions, rituals and celebrations as well as the Macanese cuisine, of fusion or evolution, as a vehicle for social interaction in the novel Os Dores, by Henrique de Senna Fernandes, are the subjects of study by several authors in this issue of the Review of Culture, International Edition (RCI)

The chapter on Historiography presents some unique facts of the history of Macao’s ports. Two essays focus on the commercial activities in Canton and Macao in the 18th century and the discussion on the meaning of the Chinese character Yi among Western traders in the pre-Opium War Canton. 

The Martial Arts open a new chapter on the Chinese origins of the Japanese Karate-dō. To conclude this issue, RCI presents an investigation on the plant species listed in Shi Jing (Book of the Odes), in the civilizational and poetic context, according to the versions and interpretations of different authors.

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