2020 Macao International Parade cancelled in order to implement and consolidate the prevention and control measures of the epidemic

Date of publication: 28/09/2020
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After a careful evaluation and comprehensive consideration, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) decided to cancel the “2020 Macao International Parade” scheduled for December this year.

Affected by the novel coronavirus, some foreign participating groups will not be able to visit Macao to join in the Macao International Parade. With local groups and groups from all over the world amounting to a total of about 1,800 participants every year, the event draws large number of people, and such high density may risk having crowd gathering. Furthermore, with many residents and tourists along the way, the event involves close interaction with participants and spectators for the purpose of creating a joyful atmosphere, this relevant format of the event is not suitable for the current prevention and control measures of the epidemic. Thus, after a careful evaluation and comprehensive consideration, IC cancelled this year’s Macao International Parade. In celebration of the 21st anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, the Macao Chinese Orchestra, under the auspices of the IC, will present the concert “Listen to the Voice of the Chinese” at the Ruins of St. Paul in December and will host various cultural and artistic performances at different places such as Macao Cultural Centre. Further information will be announced in due course.

IC will continue to pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic, strictly following the epidemic prevention guidelines of the Health Bureau under the premise of ensuring public safety, and work with arts and cultural practitioners to offer to the public richer and more diverse cultural and artistic activities. For updates, please visit IC’s website at www.icm.gov.mo, its official WeChat account “IC_Art_Macao” or “IC Art” page on Facebook.